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Credit Karma Login is an American multinasional company which runs its business in finance. Being founded by Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard on August 16, 2006, this company offers some products and services that can be used by the consumers for free.

This company offers products and services that can help people in handling their finance problem. There are free credit scores and credit reports from national credit bureaus TransUnion and Equifax, in addition to daily credit monitoring from TransUnion. The consumers are able to check updates to their credit scores and also credit reports on this company once a week. Then, Credit Karma also gives free credit tools like a Credit Score Simulator that simulates the effect of potential financial actions on a credit score of the user.

Besides, this company also gives tailored financial recommendations based on every individual credit profile of the user. Then, this company can give the users a My Spending Tool through the service of account aggregation Yodlee. It permits the users to track their banking, loan balances, credit card and transactions within this company. Moreover, this company hosts user forums and financial product review and financial calculator tools as well.

This company started the campaign of “My Money Story” in 2015. In that campaign, the company suggested the customers to share their experiences on often taboo financial problem openly with the world by using the hashtag “#MyMoneyStory” in social media. The company also generated some films about people and their personal financial experiences.  A year later, exactly on December 2016, this company declared Credit Karma Tax. What is it? It is a service of tax preparation online which permits most Americans to file their federal and state taxes at no cost. Then, the company also declared it filed 1 million tax returns in its debut tax season in 6 months on June 28, 2017. The company released Unclaimed Money in 7 states on May 9, 2017. The product which assist the users to discover unclaimed money such as unclaimed refunds and insurance payouts.

When we decide to work with a finance company which need our identity, then we will wonder about the safety. By working with this company, the team are committed to securing your data. They will not sell or even rent your personal information to the third parties for any intention. Besides, the reason of why working with this company is safe is because they have firewalls and the other security precautions. You are able to make sure that by seeing the “https” in their URL which contain “s” which stands for “secure”. They use 128-bit encryption to shield the transmission of your data to the site. Moreover, the data center is monitored around the clock. They use firewalls, 3rd party experts to rate  the site for vulnerability and other security precautions to shield your identity. Another security of this platform is that your account will automatically log out if you have logged in for a period of inactivity to help keep your account safe. In the mobile app, the passcode requirements is also implemented when you reopen the app.

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